Friday, January 20, 2012

Adore Frame

designed by Elisa Kammerdiener

McGill Paper Punches:
     -64002 Floriano Paper Blossom Punch
     -64511 Star Lily Paper Blossom Punch
     -64535 Highland Snowflake Paper Blossom Punch
     -65800 Tool Kit
     -65900 Molding Mat

Additional Supplies:
     -Jenni Bowlin Mini Adore Bingo Card
     -Pink Vellum
     -Bazzill Cardstock
     -Purple Cows Decal Edge blade (use in trimmer or freestyle mouse)
     -Beacon Fabri-Tac

Creating the Carnation:

    click for full printable PDF

Here is a closeup of the carnation...

Project Instructions:
Create your carnation as instructed above.
Trim a piece of cardstock to fit the size of the window in the frame.
Adhere mini bingo card to the center of the cardstock. Slide into the window and center it.
Adhere your carnation to the bingo card.

You can use any frames new and old.  Alter your frame with paint, paper etc before you start building your pieces to fit into the window.

Here is another photo for you...

We'll be back soon with more Paper Blossom projects and other projects using the complete line of McGill Paper Punches.

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